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Mihyong Kim-Copeland (Kim C) was educated in London, Chicago, New York,  and seoul. She was a former Master Designer at Michael of the Carlyle at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver.  She specializes in Liscio Japanese Thermal Straightening, and has been certified by three different companies along with ten years of experience for said perm.

The different services that she performs are Hi Lites, Color, Cut, Perms, Keratin  treatment (semi permanent hair strightening system, Hair repair  Treatment (Nigelleds*)

*It is the best possible quality of hair renewal treatment [system] available, because it is a seven step procedure using low, middle, and high keratin; it uses CMC, and four different levels of Nigelleds conditioning formula. Nigelleds makes hair silky-smooth and super-moisturized; you can feel the difference!


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